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The Benefits of Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software

 Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software is a highly modular and configurable warehouse management system (WMS) that integrates warehouse control system (WCS) and warehouse execution system (WES) components to provide a complete suite of warehouse software. It has a rich set of standard features to support a broad scope of operational requirements. This allows you to implement  Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software “out of the box”, resulting in fast implementations and time to value. Over 90% of Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software implementations are standard product, and all  Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software users benefit from regular product improvements and enhancements.

 Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software, built on Microsoft technologies, Supply Chain Execution features:

Increased Shipping Speed

Reduced Labor Cost

Reduced Dwell Time

Increases Storage Availability

About Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software

 Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software is affordable for mid-tier manufacturers and distribution centers, while scaling up to high-volume distribution centers. This is possible because of the product’s modular, client/server architecture and the scalability it affords. Regardless of the size of the facility, Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software pays for itself in productivity gains, reduced cycle times, improved customer service, greater accuracy, and better space utilization – all of which reduce your cost of distribution.

Material Handling Integration

We are of the view that some of the most important efficiency and accuracy gains made in the distribution center are a result of fully integrated distribution software with material handling systems.

As a result, we have built an integration architecture that we believe has the most complete control system drivers in the industry. Others might claim to integrate with automated warehouse materials handling systems, but be careful. We know there is a great deal of value difference between a supplier integrating by using batch data files from one vendor and reporting to another vendor – and the interactive real-time communication occurring continuously during process and workflow delivered by Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software.

All companies might not perceive it critical to immediately have automation control capability in their supply chain execution system. Many of our clients felt that way when they got started and we delivered successful solutions.

At the same time, we can introduce you to many who were later able to stay in their distribution center years longer than they had planned without major pain or having multiple vendors point fingers at each other.

Ascent Warehouse Logistics has invested much of its software tooling effort in the last two decades provisioning tools that simplify the communication between its software applications and automation devices within the SCE market space. This means that if we need to target a new piece of automation equipment in the warehouse we have a design platform that accommodates it easily. Ascent Warehouse Logistics’ unique capabilities in this arena significantly reduce roll out complications and implementation time.

For warehouses that implement material handling automation using carousels, conveyor sortation, pick-to-belt, pick-by-light systems, or voice directed systems, Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software integrates this automation equipment into a single, highly efficient warehouse and material management and control system by directly controlling the material handling hardware. Many companies in the supply chain execution space specialize in either management software or control software. With Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software you get the best of both worlds – and only one vendor to get it right.

Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software Benefits

Some of the immediate and tangible benefits our clients experience after implementing  Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software include:

Advanced Slot Management™

At the core of Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software is Advanced Slot Management, which tracks cube and velocity (picking frequency) attributes for every item and storage location in the warehouse. Advanced Slot Management, coupled with multiple location tracking optimizes space and reduces operator travel time.

Unparalleled RF Response Time

Ascent Warehouse Logistics  has extended the benefits of the client / server architecture to the RF terminal providing sub-second response time even in the highest volume distribution centers. This increases productivity and accuracy, providing operators with a degree of control not commonly found in the warehouse.

Clean Architecture Built on Microsoft technologies.

Ascent Warehouse Logistics  software is built on a standard Windows architecture in stark contrast to some of the largest competitors in the business. As such,  Ascent Warehouse Logistics Software is free from legacy code/system constraints and the very crippling restrictions that these overheads impose. In contrast, legacy systems struggle to meet the pace of the ever-changing demands of warehouse environments. What should be very simple add-ons (such as a labeling machine for retail compliance or responding to much higher SKU volumes) requires third party assistance delivered at huge costs to you. With  Ascent Warehouse Logistics, flexibility and scalability comes out of the box.

Areas of Immediate Measurable Impact:

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