SKU and Alternate SKU Identification

The Benefits of Cartonization and Carton Level Details

SKU is an acronym for “stock keeping unit,” and it is used as the generic identity for the product number, part number, item number, etc. Essentially, a SKU is the key unique identifier for an item stocked in a warehouse or distribution center.

Often, alternative SKU identification is used to extend this unique identifier to other organizations or offer it in different formats for ease of operation and verification. Most distributors and manufacturers have internal SKU part or product numbers, but they also need to be able to identify parts using alternate identifiers, such as a vendor’s part number, a universal product code (UPC), standard case code (SCC), or other secondary form of identification.

Ascent Warehouse Logistics’ solutions allow many alternate, or alias, stock identifiers related to the primary SKU used by an organization. Our solution is so flexible we can handle multiple identifiers from each vendor, and down to the carton / contain size holding the product. For example it is common to distribute the exact same product from multiple vendors where each has their own stock identifier, and sometimes, different inner packs or case quantities!

Increased Shipping Speed

Reduced Labor Cost

Reduced Dwell Time

Increases Storage Availability

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