Meet the Team

Lisa Minerd

Hi, my name is Lisa Minerd. I’m the VP of Design and Implementation. I have 35 years of experience in supply chain software development. I previously owned Minerva Associates, which was recently acquired by SencorpWhite.

I really enjoy solving customer problems and helping our sales team. We’re solution providers within the software group, so we’re able to optimize our customer’s processes. We provide tangible, measurable improvements that we can demonstrate to the customer. This gives us a great deal of satisfaction, that we are impacting the customer’s operation in their business to help them grow, to solve their operational challenges. And that’s a lot of fun.

To see that we can implement a successful project under budget, on time, and have the customer give us testimonial, feels great. It lets us know we’ve done a terrific job, that they got more than what they expected, more than what they paid for, and that gives us a great feeling.

Outside of work, I am a Dragon Boat paddler, and focused on training for try-outs to represent Team USA in the World’s Championship Race at the end of this year.