Meet the Team

Martin McLean

Hi Martin McLean, I’m the President of the software group with White Systems. My background has pretty much been logistics my entire career. I have 32 years of industry experience developing software for logistics solutions, robotics, et cetera.

I love solving problems for people and for companies. We help companies perform better so they can solve modern issues with logistics. Helping them fundamentally change how they work and do business is really what I love the most.

We have customers with individuals who typically work twelve or 14 hours a day. They work weekends, they work nights, they’re always on call, and we make their life better. When we can help them improve operations and make things run correctly, they’re able to have more family time and live better.

My personal values are family first, which includes the extended family of our team. So, we solve problems for businesses, but we’re also impacting the people involved. We’re making their lives easier. They work better, have a more enjoyable experience at work, with less stress than they would normally have without these solutions.

I love the outdoors. I’m from the northwest. Rivers, mountains, the ocean skiing – those are my passions. And anything that has to do with my family in that context is the perfect scenario.