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Introducing Ascent Warehouse Logistics: Our new company

Introducing Ascent Warehouse Logistics: Our new company

Intek and Minerva Associates, SencorpWhite businesses, today announced that they have completed their merger, resulting in the creation of a more comprehensive warehouse automation solutions company. The new company will have a corporate name of Ascent Warehouse Logistics. This merger solidifies their commitment to providing high performance software solutions for the warehousing and distribution sector. Ascent Warehouse Logistics begins day one with more than sixty years of combined warehouse automation expertise.  

“I am delighted to announce the completion of this exciting merger between our two warehouse automation software companies, Intek and Minerva Associates,” said Corey E. Calla, CEO of SencorpWhite. “With this merger, we will be able to provide tremendous value to both new and existing customers by combining the expertise of two well versed software groups.” 

“Each of our solution stacks and expertise are uniquely positioned to rapidly innovate and bring to market high-quality solutions configured unique market changes. Our focus on providing excellent service to our customers will continue and software users can be assured that there will be no disruption to current packages. The completion of this merger will also eliminate any confusion in the marketplace,” said Martin Mclean, President of Ascent Warehouse Logistics. 

About Ascent Warehouse Logistics 
Ascent Warehouse Logistics designs, develops, and implements warehouse automation solutions. Our team of experts combines industry-leading software and business practices to improve order/inventory accuracy and overall productivity while reducing dependence on labor. By leveraging the expertise of two highly successful material handling solution providers, Intek and Minerva Associates, Ascent Warehouse Logistics delivers comprehensive software best suited for the customer’s operation in manufacturing and distribution. Ascent controls automated material handling hardware, picking automation technologies, ASRS, and emerging robotics technologies to fit each client’s needs. Ascent warehouse automation software combines WMS/MES/WCS/WES solutions for delivering Tier 1 warehouse performance to bridge the operational performance gap at a mid-market price point to deliver exceptional ROI and low long-term total cost of ownership. 

About SencorpWhite 
SencorpWhite is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent storage systems, thermoformers, sealing machines, and warehouse management software. We offer standard and comprehensive solutions for progressive clients by leveraging its in-house engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities, on-site maintenance, and service with field service engineers located throughout the United States.